History of AnkhSVN

AnkhSVN started as Arild Fines' final year development project at the Engineering Faculty of the Oslo College in Norway. Karl Fogel (one of the Subversion “originals”) was Arild’s outside mentor. Arild continued the project while pursuing a master's degree in Informatics at the University of Oslo. Nowadays, AnkhSVN is a true open source project under an Apache-style license.

In Februari 2008 the decision was made to rewrite the AnkhSVN engine to create a full Source Code Control Package (SCC) for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 (and later versions) on top of the new SharpSvn library. The new engine will be the base of the new 2.X releases which saw its initial release in June 2008. This new version integrates deeply in Visual Studio to give better performance, stability and usability. The new Pending Changes window gives an up-to-date overview of all your project actions and provides easy access to most subversion commands.

Development of the 2.X series continues and more and more of the original planned and user suggested features are added. Currently the focus is on usability and tree conflicts. Daily builds of the work in progress are always available on our daily page.

CollabNet hosts and supports the AnkhSVN project with the goal to accelerate growth of the AnkhSVN community and adoption by development organizations around the world. CollabNet also contributes code to the project. AnkhSVN is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

The AnkhSVN Team members are (in order of joining): Arild Fines, Per August Krämer, Kristin Borud Christina Burnham, Bogdan Berce, Sander Rijken, Christian Höhle, Damien Guard, Bert Huijben, Jeremy Whitlock and Baybora Aksoy.

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