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Discussion Forum Please read the Wiki first.

Bug Reports
See reporting bugs at the bottom of this page.

Become a Participant
Be a named participant.

Online Project Documentation

As part of the AnkhSVN 2.1 release, we now have online help documentation for using AnkhSVN.  This documentation is a live thing so if you come back tomorrow, it might be different than it was today.  This being said, please feel free to treat the help documentation as a part of AnkhSVN.  If you see any bugs/errors in the documentation, feel like there should be new content or have any feedback, please use the Discussion Form , Issue Tracker or the Mailing List to communicate with us.

 Some of the committers are online on the #ankhsvn channel on the freenode irc network.

Project Wiki

This project includes a Wiki where the project members and the AnkhSVN community can collaborate and share transitional documentation with each other. See the Frequently Asked Questions for AnkhSVN 1.0.X or AnkhSVN 2.1 

Reporting Bugs

To submit an Issue, you have to be a Participant in the AnkhSVN project. Request to be a Participant.

Before filing a new issue, please:

Please follow this process and keep the bug database clean so the AnkhSVN committers can focus on developing new code, rather than vetting the bug database.