AnkhSVN -Daily builds

The AnkhSVN project can use a Jenkins server at CollabNet for continuous integration. On our supported branches we automatically build new binaries after commits.

Every day (if there is a new version) a version is promoted to a daily build which will be referenced from these pages. Daily builds are discarded after +-4 weeks, so we recommend either updating within that timeframe or using stable builds.

Branch name Description Subversion compatibility
AnkhSVN 2.6.x Development version. New features are added here Subversion 1.9.x & Git
AnkhSVN 2.5.x Stable version for Subversion 1.8. New features may be merged back here from 2.6.x Subversion 1.8.x
AnkhSVN 2.4.x Maintenance version for Subversion 1.7. Usually only receives bugfixes. Subversion 1.7.x