AnkhSVN is apparently failing now due to recent architectural changes in VS 2017.  We'd already been seeing some integration problems (e.g., AnkhSVN losing track of whether specific files were part of a project).  I'd like to have added this as a "me too" note to the forum topic:


But I didn't see a "reply" button in the forum interface, even though I have the "Problem Submittor" role.


Now I've seen the comment from Bert Huijben that he's no longer using AnkhSVN at his $DayJob...


What I'd really like to know is what are folks who are transitioning off of AnkSVN moving to?  I presume they may be responding to the concept that "the world is moving to git" by choosing different servers and tools.  Is the git support equivalent to the excellent level of integration AnkhSVN brought to Visual Studio?




-Noel Carboni

ProDigital Software