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AnkhSVN Roadmap

The purpose of the AnkhSVN Roadmap is to help you keep up with the development efforts scheduled for the next major release. Since the items in the roadmap will differ from the AnkhSVN Issue Tracker, the roadmap will serve as the definitive list of current development efforts.

(!) If you see something missing or would like to suggest an addition to the roadmap, please bring this up on the AnkhSVN Dev Mailing List.

AnkhSVN 2.1 Roadmap

AnkhSVN 2.1 is currently in a state where bugs and small improvements are being made, but no big features will be added.

AnkhSVN 2.2 Roadmap

A number of big features are planned for AnkhSVN 2.2. At least one of these features will have to be completed before we release 2.2

Enlistment support
This allows users to have a custom checkout structure across multiple working copies when needed.
Conflict page in Pending Changes
This specialized page will allow users to see and solve conflicts and tree conflicts in a more streamlined fashion. This includes smart(er) tree conflict handling

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